The Living Legacy Discovery Series

The Living Legacy was created to address one of the primary challenges facing the Jewish educational world today - to instill in children a desire to live Jewishly, to actively participate in Judaism and its practices, and to be a part of the Jewish community. Through a series of stimulating hands-on workshops The Living Legacy effectively provides a unique and creative educational tool that links Jewish learning to Jewish practice and living. The children gain an appreciation for Jewish tradition through active personal participation.

• Shofar Factory

• Shabbat Candles

• Succot Seminar

• Mezuzah Workshop

• Olive Press

• Havdalah Workshop

• Matzah Bakery

• Tefilin Maker

• Torah Factory

• Talit Seminar

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To schedule one of these workshops for your school or group please contact us: 823-0866 or e-mail us at: [email protected]