An Enduring Contribution

Our community faces many challenges, all of which contribute to a more removed and passive relationship with Judaism:

  • More unaffiliated Jews;
  • A wider dispersal of Jews in the Ottawa region; and
  • Declining enrollment in Jewish Schools.

Donation to OTCVision is an investment in the future of Ottawa’s Jewish community. Building on 16-years of successful outreach, our new centre will:

  • Provide a one-stop facility serving the needs of Jewish life in Ottawa’s western suburbs;
  • Provide non-judgmental programs engaging thousands of Jews in our community;
  • Reverse the trend of declining enrolment in Hebrew School by continuing to offer dynamic and engaging programs and education;
  • Continue to offer high-quality outreach programming in Ottawa Public Schools; and
  • Offer quality, meaningful learning experiences and social activities for adults of all ages.

Thank You

Thank you for your support of the OTCVision campaign, without which we would not be able to fully realize our vision for the future.

Your generosity has helped make the construction of our new home a reality, and will not be forgotten.


Please fill out the secure contact form here in order to make a donation or click the button below.

Are you interested in our opportunities for large donations? You can download our OTCVision brochure and our donor package for more information. Please contact Rabbi Blum to make arrangements.

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